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My Core Values are:  Fun, Creativity and Excellence in all things!   These three values describe me.

I’ve been in Visual Effects since January of 1979. I started as a designer and animator on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, then began model making on “Bladerunner” through the good graces of Mark Stetson. (Thanks Mark!) I continued as a model maker and VFX designer/inventor for 17 years, and was fortunate enough to work on many fun and challenging projects, while practicing freelance Product Design at the same time.

I started at Digital Domain in 1993 to help complete “True Lies” and stayed on for nearly 14 years, leading miniature projects like “Dante’s peak”, “Titanic”, “5th Element”, and over 100 commercials and videos. I was nominated for an OSCAR for Best VFX on “Apollo 13” (we lost to “Babe”!) and won the BAFTA (British Academy Award) for the same project, as well as the Engineer’s Council Education Award (They designed the actual Apollo spacecraft).
I started Visual Effects Supervising commercials in 1998 at Digital Domain. I have since VFX Supervised over 130 commercials for many top directors, Agencies and Clients. I have directed many commercials as well, and I am seeking further opportunities in that vein.

I am a skilled writer, mentor and leader of creative technical teams. I am skilled in ‘Client Diplomacy’, interfacing and education. I’ve presented at Ad Agencies many times across the country on the subject of Stereo (3D, Stereoscopy) commercial design, production and post production. I created Zoic’s educational “Salon Evening” events (Like mini TED conferences) and moderated their discussion panels.


My degree in Product Design from Art Center College of Design is visible in all of my work. With 13 years VFX supervising commercials, I am a highly skilled photographer (HDR too) and Stereographer(3D), and understand intimately film making for storytelling, visual effects of all kinds and physical or practical effects. I am very focused on story communication in my work.  I am an experienced Stereographer with over 25 years in practice. My understanding of physics allows me to design approaches to challenging scenes with creativity, efficiency and assurance.