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Dreamworks/Walmart “Little Viking”

Dreamworks hired us to integrate existing animation into new live action scenes for this and two other spots. VFX supervised and shoot supervised by Les Ekker, he was responsible for ensuring the cinematography, elements shoot and animation all meshed seamlessly.. He sculpted a greenscreen head form that matched the animation character’s head to support the […]

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Burger King “Entrance”

Directed by Les Ekker, this spot uses classic archival NFL footage. We shot the King to match, and had him interact with just ONE of the players! Les Ekker also supervised the VFX of course, for Digital Domain.

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Famous Footwear “Neighborhood”

Produced by Zoic Studios, Directed by Loni Perestere, and co-supervised by Les Ekker (Pre & Post Production)and Simon Lacey (shooting only), it was shot in mid summer.  We added all of the background lights, snow and all fog breath and exhaust plumes,  We layered some takes with others, as it was shot with Motion Control […]

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Target “Fall Fashion”

Directed, Supervised, Designed and Choreographed by Les Ekker for Digital Domain.  We shot the two actors on greenscreen treadmills to a music track, and had them recreate the choreography as precisely as possible for each transition hand-off.  Many thinks to Pilon Lectez for his impressive Flame work here, as always!

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Chevy Volt “Glimpse 3D”

This stereoscopic spot was created entirely as a CG animation piece, based on the graphic design work of Alex Varnese.  We created it at Zoic, directed by Loni Perestere, VFX Supervised by Les Ekker.  It was first created as a presentation for the Volt (an awesome car!) for E3.  We then proposed that it be […]

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Shell “Further”

Nicolai Fuglsig’s Shell Further, supervised by Les Ekker for Digital Domain. This spot is entirely CG animated, with the idea of a fleet of supercar-SUV’s ripping through a deserted wasteland like a squadron of aerobatic jets. A VERY difficult project.

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ESPN NASCAR “Variables”

All CG spot for NASCAR, Directed by Loni Perestere, VFX co-supervised (only 20%) by Les Ekker, for Zoic Studios. The (actual NASCAR) drivers faces shot live, projected on CG heads in all CG scenes.

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Halex Robot

Directed by Loni Perestere of Zoic Studios, VFX Supervised by Les Ekker. Les also designed and supervised production of the custom machined jaws of the robot end-effector (claw). He also puppeteered the (45 pound) claw in several scenes. All robots are CG animation. The time lapse background for the growing scene was shot as time […]

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Les Ekker Visual Effects Reel

32 years in Visual Effects, Oscar nominated, BAFTA winning creativity and technical direction.  Dozens of feature films, and over 130 commercials over 14 years.  Les Ekker brings design integrity, inspirational team leadership, arresting and clear visual communication to the style and concept of Directors.  Experience counts!

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New Mexico State Fair “The Most Wonderful Time”

Directed by Leslie Ekker, this is meant to be a whimsical fun silly vintage-feeling hand-made organic stage performance, like a small town Drama Club vibe. We were extremely constrained in budget and schedule, but succeeded in satisfying the client (New Mexico Gov.) in the extreme. It is still used and loved today.  ALL set dressing […]

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