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Welcome, visitor!  This is my first ever web presence.  It is (obviously) designed to communicate my capabilities to prospective employers.  It features some selected works from my past few years, in Video, Motion Picture and written words.

I hope this site also conveys a sense of WHO I am and how I show up in my world.  Anais Nin said ” We don’t see thhings as they are, we see them as we are”.  By that she means that we create the world we live in by our attitude, our approach and our thoughts.  I make a great effort to live in ‘choice’ in the Buddhist sense of the word.  That is the awareness of our ability to CHOOSE how we are around certain things.  Events, Accidents, Chaos, Conflict and Harmony all present challenges to our equanimity.  I choose calm, thoughtfulness, decisive considerate action.  This is my way of being, and it has proven to be very productive, and very empowering to those around me as well.  It’s a Win-Win!  And I continue to learn, each and every day.


Leslie Ekker

About Leslie Ekker

Les Ekker is a Visual Effects Supervisor, Commercial Director and Creative Director with 13 years experience in supervision, but over 32 years experience in Visual Effects. He started as a VFX designer, and animator in 1979 on "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", then began working as a Model Maker on Bladerunner, and subsequently on dozens of other films, commercials and special venue projects. Ghost Busters, Poltergeist 2, Close Encounters, 2010, Buckaroo Banzai and many more. In 1993 he joined Digital Domain, and worked on True Lies, The 5th Element (uncredited Model Supervisor), Titanic (Model Supervisor), Apollo 13 (Model Crew Chief, nominated for the OSCAR, won the BAFTA), and Dante's Peak (uncredited Model Supervisor). He began supervising commercials at DD and worked as a VFX Sup' for 10 years, leaving to become the Creative Director of Zoic Studios. He is now freelancing in Visual Effects, Commercial Direction and Creative Direction, with an emphasis in 3D Stereoscopy and forward thinking projects.

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